• Melting little English baby in the Indonesian heat 💦 Is that a new freckle on my cheek!? #Bali #Selfie
  • I’m disheartened that there were no models over a size 8 on the @victoriassecret runway... AGAIN! 🙄 Words I've shared to raise awareness about the struggle of being an 'Inbetween'/ ‘Plus Size’ model have been somewhat negative. But now I want to share something positive, because although the VS show still hasn’t introduced Body Diversity (MAD), little changes are slowly happening, and they give me the strength to carry on. 🙏🏼 // I got the job that 15-year-old-me could only DREAM of, last year....
As a teen, I used to save up for The Clothes Show. I’d get SO excited for the Runway Show. I was in awe of the girls walking; the confidence and beauty they possessed, the clothes... I wanted to be like them, but it would never happen. I wasn't thin enough (I’d heard that a million times over).
Last year, I got a casting call for the show. The first EVER year they were casting for healthy, CURVE models! I couldn't believe it was real!! I'd just begun pursuing modelling seriously, to believe in myself and my body. Then the opportunity for the job of my Teen-Dreams came up! 🙏🏼 On the right path? I think so!
After one of the scariest castings ever, I booked the show! My size 12/14 body, which had been rejected at so many runway castings and fittings before, for being too big, WALKED DOWN THAT RUNWAY!!
I remember, at one of my first runway jobs, the stylist refused to dress me because I was “TOO FAT” (a story for another day)... Now I was being booked FOR my “fat” body. *insert hair flick here* 
It was monumental for me. It opened my eyes, strengthened my mentality, bought amazing people into my life, and gave me confidence in my body and dreams. After, I went on to shoot their 2017 campaign and walk again in the 2017 @theclothesshowofficial show! 🙌🏼🙏🏼
✨So, I just want to tell all the young aspiring girls out there, who feel they’re not thin enough to chase their dreams - YOU ARE PERFECT AS YOU ARE! There is nothing wrong with you, the industry is WRONG! It’s been hard, but it’s changing, for the better, because we are speaking out! YOU HAVE EVERY DAMN RIGHT TO PURSUE YOUR DREAMS, IN THE BODY YOU ARE IN! IT’S POSSIBLE!✨
This is the start of something BEAUTIFUL!! 🙌🏼
  • The special little discoveries 🐚⭐️ // #StarFish #giliair #Bali #Indonesia
  • It's hard to understand, but it feels good to be lost, in the right direction ✨ @freepeople @freepeopleuk // @celinexhess // #FPGirls #Travel #Grow
  • I cannot believe the news about Donald Trump lifting the ban on importing trophies from Elephant hunting into the US, what a SAVAGE man! He's basically telling people it's acceptable to poach. 
When is killing ANY animal for materialistic purposes or to feed someone's ugly ego ever acceptable!? It's NOT.
Elephants are an ENDANGERED species. In the last ten years elephant numbers have dropped by approx 60%. There are fewer than 500,000 left on the African continent and experts say that they could be extinct by the end of the next decade!
Tell me, what good could ever possibly come out of lifting this ban? Idiot.
Elephants have human-like emotions, they play, hug with their trunks, cry, have memories, express grief and compassion, they also mourn to their loved ones.
I recently went to a sanctuary for Elephants who'd been rescued from the logging trade in Sumatra, where they were exposed to abuse and poaching. I can honestly say I was a little sceptical about the place on arrival, but owner, Made, put my mind at ease. All the Elephants had their own individual carers, I got to meet 'his' beautiful Elephant, Lara. You could tell he loved and cared for her. I cannot tell you how captivating she was! I fell in love with her friendly eyes and huge trunk when reached out to say hello. Made told us how they looked after the Elephants, and how revenue goes into taking care of them. He, himself, had been away from his family in Indonesia for 3 years to look after the Elephants; a boat ride back home was near unaffordable and would take days, for them to come to him, he said, 'was a dream'. He also told us of conflicts he'd had with friends who were part of the trade in Sumatra, he refuses to talk with them for as long as they remain in that trade, while he's trying to bring them sanctuary. If someone is sacrificing SO much to keep these animals in a happier place, how can a president with money and power beyond measure be erasing all of that!? I'VE LINKED A PETITION IN MY BIO SHOULD YOU WISH TO SIGN 🐘🙏🏼 #BeKindToElephants #AnimalWelfare #SaveTheElephants
  • ✌... Weak caption game today... // @ched53

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