• MY 1ST BODY POSITIVITY ESSAY// I love this photograph; WHY!? Because a few years back I would have hated that skin roll on myself. I love the industry that I work in, but it has a lot to answer for, as a young girl I was a victim of that.
For my first experience, I was scouted by an agency at the age of 16, they took my measurements then changed their minds; "You're not thin enough. You need to look like a coat hanger, but come back if you loose weight." I was a child, I'll never forget the pain those words caused and the massive confidence knock it gave me. I'd look at fashion magazines and feel inadequate. 
Real images like this are not seen enough. In most cases, that skin roll would be edited away - an unreal representation of the human body which will lead girls into believing a lie is the ideal of beauty... that they're not good enough, like I did. I want all girls and women to know that we are all real, and real IS beautiful. I don't want girls to feel what I felt then, I want them to see healthy bodies, see themselves represented and feel happy in their skin. 7 years have passed since then and the industry is changing, I'm now a healthy size 12 curve model at 5'11 with a supportive agency and I'm thriving, so should you!! PS I'm nervous about sharing this post, but I hope it resonates with you girls ❤️
Photo captured by the incredible // #bodypositive #curves #body #Australia #London #goldcoast #portraitpage
  • "I'd rather wear flowers in my hair, than diamonds around my neck" 🌹 shot by the awesome human @mattsheehanphoto #Soft #Australia #London #humpday #pure
  • Daylight and Details captured by the ever talented // #Australia #goldcoast #London #bodypositive #body
  • Lazy beach days with special gifts from special people 💛✨ #Australia #Noosa #Book #BeachBaby #flatlay #thealchemist
  • I would say thank you for being my adoptee sister this past couple of weeks, but you're more than that, you're a DADLAD!! Erm gerna mess yer @shecriedwolf - Perce and Lerv ✌💛 // DADS DADS DADS!! ⚡// #DadLad #Australia #Brisbane #GoldCoast #Dance #weekend
  • Bye bye Brisbane and your Badass Brunches Waaahhh 😩😩😩 #frenchtoast #flatlay #Australia #Brisbane #travel #breakfast

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